The most important things to us are people and the communities in which they live, preserving the environment, social and volunteer activities and other community initiatives and activities. Along with our focus on development and production, we found many common interests with our community that contributes to both sides. These activities include local involvement in the agricultural community of Moshav Beit Yitzhak, where our factory is located, and national involvement with elite IDF units and other non-profit organizations. These non-profit foundations, such as the Reut in the Valley Foundation, supports and provides employment for people with disabilities in many fields, especially in the area packaging and gift packages. These cooperation efforts have led the way to extensive employment opportunities for Israel’s disabled.

We are happy to take part in various activities, such as “active vegan”, which meet and promote the company’s values. For example, the “Vegan Club” brings various organizations and factories together to create vegan products and promote them within the vegan community.