Cherries in Whiskey


Net weight: 360 grams.

No food coloring or preservatives.

Did you know?

The cherry tree is beautiful and breathtaking and can reach heights of 18 meters. Chinese medicine uses the cherry to help strengthen the immune system and improve vision.  The idiom “the cherry on the cake” means the best part of something, which lends to its many good qualities.

Whiskey is a spirit that is produces by distilling various kinds of grains. The name “whiskey” originates from Celtic languages (Irish and Scottish), which literally means “the water of life”. The percentage of alcohol in most brands of whiskey is 40%, but despite this high percentage, it is considered to be relaxing, similar to red wine.

Kosher supervision: the local Rabbinate of Beit Yitzhak and OU.

Refrigerate after opening.