Date and Banana Snack


Net weight: 40 grams.

No cane sugar, food coloring or preservatives.

Did you know? 

The date tree can reach heights of 20 meters (seven feet), which is the length of the average whale. The date originated in the Mediterranean and it was first documented 4000 years ago. In ancient Egypt, the date was used to produce wine due to its natural benefits: it would last a long time, very few people were allergic to the fruit and it had many healthy qualities.

The banana is often called “a yellow energy explosion”. In addition to its energetic qualities, the banana can help cure hangovers and nausea. Due to the abundance of iron, bananas also helps sustain body heat and ease anemic symptoms. There are people who believe that rubbing a banana on insect bites and itchy skin irritations is a panacea, and that it even helps smokers’ bodies get accustomed to “kicking the habit”.

Kosher supervision: the rabbinate.

Keep in a dry and cool place