Pears in Wine


Net weight: 360 grams.

No food coloring or preservatives.

Did you know?

The pear was mentioned in the palace of Louis the 14th and was considered a fruit of luxury. The fruit was first documented in the stone ages, and according to Chinese medicine, the pear also helps reduce fever. In order to keep fresh and prevent the fruit from becoming over-ripe, it can be wrapped in a brown paper bag.

Wine is the only alcoholic drink which has its own blessing in some religions, and it is considered a celebrative drink that is often required in festive occasions. It is defined as an alcoholic drink made from grapes, and when it contains fruit or other vegetables, it is called liqueur.  The production of wine began a very long time ago when it was discovered that the fruit and juice undergo a process that eventually produces an alcoholic drink.

Kosher supervision: the local Rabbinate of Beit Yitzhak and OU.

Refrigerate after opening.