We, at Natural Products Beit Yitzhak, believe in innovation and diversity with the goal of bringing you, our valued customers, the most superior, quality and delicious products possible. Our products include several series:
100 Fruit Spread – No Cane Sugar in 18 flavors, with no preservatives or food coloring.
Fruit & More – Confitures with just a touch of alcohol. This series boasts six unique, surprising and exciting varieties.
Olive & More – Our series of olive oil-base spreads has five different flavors and contains no preservatives.
Date & More – These fruit snacks, based on nutritious dates, come in four flavors and are 100% natural.
These veteran series are joined by Veg & More, a vegetable series of three varieties that was launched in the winter of 2016. In the summer of 2017, six flavors of the classic confiture series also joined the Natural Products Beit Yitzhak family, and just recently, three delightful and special varieties of the Nut & More series were also launched.